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Mike Shreve was a teacher of yoga at four universities. (The portrait above was drawn by one of his students in 1970.) Then a spiritual rebirth brought him into a real relationship with God and drastically changed his heart, his life and his belief system.  Read his story here.

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Kai Druhl's Personal Story

I am currently a science instructor at a community college, teaching physics and earth science. My favorite subject is modern physics, since it has dismantled the mechanistic worldview. It has led us to recognize that the universe had a definite beginning, a moment of creation, and that the ultimate reality is not comprised of matter and empty space, but is non-material. I think that in the modern understanding of the universe and of quantum physics, science has come as close to touch and grasp the almighty Creator as it possibly can. But this is in itself a fascinating topic, about which I could write books, and I will leave it at that for now.

My journey towards Jesus Christ began with a very practical need, and it led me for a long time in what now appears to be the opposite direction. In 1980, I found myself in a difficult situation. My marriage had fallen apart, and I was faced with a challenging job situation. I needed something to build my inner strength. A friend of mine appeared to experience such benefits from the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique, and so I began to practice it. I did experience some reduction in tension, and some increase in self-reliance.

Over time, I was drawn into the spiritual views and doctrines underlying TM. I also read Yogananda"s book "Autobiography of a Yogi," which made a deep impression on me. After 4 years, I learned the advanced "TM-Sidhi" program, which was said to give supernatural powers. Of these, I gained nothing but a glimpse. At the same time, a feeling of detachment from the world around me began to develop, supported by the teaching that I was in possession of supreme knowledge.

In 1986, I joined what was then called "Maharishi International University" in Fairfield, Iowa, now "Maharishi University of Management," where I was active until 2000 as a Professor of Physics, researching and teaching. What attracted me to the university was both the opportunity to practice my meditation programs in the large group that was assembling at the university twice daily, and the expectation to go deeply into "Maharishi" Mahesh Yogi"s spiritual teachings and their relevance to the various academic disciplines.

Much to my disappointment, it soon became obvious that genuine intellectual inquiry was not tolerated, and that interpretation of the spiritual teachings was the privilege of a few, carefully selected "top faculty." Nevertheless, I began to study and apply Maharishi"s teachings in my work and personal life. During this time, I participated in almost every new spiritual or general program that was offered by Maharishi"s movement. I became a teacher of TM in 1993, and eventually even taught a graduate level course on consciousness and physics in the Department of Maharishi Science of Creative Intelligence.

During my first year at the university, I found it very difficult to maintain focus and clarity of mind. This situation eventually improved somewhat, however, over the long haul my health and my ability to make and follow through with decisions declined considerably. While there were many members of the larger university community, who were able to work successfully and with great focus and purpose, it was also not uncommon to see others in states of emotional instability. This was always attributed to the "purifying" effect of the meditation practices.

In 1990, I first met Maharishi Mahesh Yogi personally. Immediately after the meeting, I noticed signs of demonic oppression. I was no longer able to control my facial expressions during meditation, and my lips would suddenly retreat to expose my clenched teeth. This loss of control eventually even spread into quiet times, outside of meditation. At the time, I attributed that to the impending release of a "stress," that I thought had been in me all along.

Still, my exit from the university at the end of 1999 was mainly motivated by financial considerations. I had spent all of my savings and retirement funds on very expensive programs and projects offered and sponsored by the TM movement, and had to find outside sources of income.

I considered it as unconceivable to take on a normal job and work, because I had come to believe that I was one of a few individuals called to serve mankind through practicing meditation, and teaching what Maharishi Mahesh Yogi calls "supreme knowledge." This was and is by no means an unusual attitude among long term followers of Mahesh Yogi. It still keeps large numbers of individuals in states of material and spiritual poverty and bondage, where the prospect of getting back into regular activity has all but disappeared from sight.

I tried to make money by trading options and commodities, but was not successful. As I was reading a number of self-help books, I came across the "Course in Miracles," a book channeled by a spirit of divination who claims to be Jesus Christ. I realized later, that the teachings in this book comprise a masterpiece of deception, sounding so much like Jesus to those who have never read the Bible carefully, but twisting and negating the true teachings that God has given through His prophets, through Christ and through the apostles.

At the time, however, the "Course" was a revelation for me, because it did emphasize the role of Jesus Christ as a personal teacher and intimate friend. I desired this with all my heart, and cried out to whom I believed was Jesus. The first response came from the lying spirit behind the "Course", who took me through a series of painful "tests" and "trials," all the way injecting feelings of guilt and inadequacy.

Still, I now realize that throughout this time, the Lord was watching over me. He led me into a spirit filled, full gospel church, and put me under the authority of its pastor, Apostle Greg Crawford. I began to read the bible from beginning to end, and I found that it told a coherent story of God's love and holiness, and of His plan of salvation for mankind. The true nature of Jesus began to take shape in my spirit. Through Apostle Greg, and several other individuals associated with his ministry, I also found deliverance from the demons that were tormenting me. This took place in stages over a period of more than a year. At some point the Lord spoke to me and told me to pray for my salvation. I was quite shocked, because I thought that I was already saved. But when I kneeled and prayed the sinner's prayer, all of a sudden I burst into tears, and felt a great burden lifted from my heart.

Over time, I began to realize the depth of deception that I had been under, from the teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and the spirit of the "Course." The Lord began to reveal Himself to me, as I continued and continue to seek him in bible study, prayer and worship. I began to feel His presence during prayer and worship in a loving and powerful way, and saw all aspects of my life turned around. He truly "redeemed my life from destruction," and gave me "the oil of gladness for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness." I am overwhelmed by His grace and mercy, and by His infinite love for me. As time goes by, the Lord is leading me into greater and greater intimacy with Him. He is also leading me into a deeper understanding of His working and the working of the Holy Spirit in me, and in all the members of His church.

Let me conclude with a comment on meditation and spiritual power. The TM program is not devoid of spiritual power. Its practitioners are invoking powerful spirits, and they are reaping the results of this, whether they are aware of it or not. This experience of spiritual power, and what initially appear to be its benefits, is drawing many people into TM and other New Age practices.

Is the church devoid of spiritual power? To a large degree, yes. This is a sad state of affairs, because Christ has restored to us our God given privilege to have the all-powerful Spirit of God dwelling with in us, to provide for our every need, and to minister to others. Christ has called the church to walk in victory, preaching the gospel, healing the sick, raising the dead, casting out devils, not to quarrel about man-made doctrines.

Meditation on the Lord, on His name and on His word is a biblical mandate. The Lord has promised that He will take up residence in us, if we will but open the door. We have allowed the counterfeit of eastern mantra meditation to dominate, even to scare us off the great gift of daily intimacy with the Lord. It is my greatest desire to walk myself and help others to walk fully in that joyous and victorious position of union with Him, that He desires so much.

You may e-mail Kai by clicking here.

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