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Mike Shreve was a teacher of yoga at four universities. (The portrait above was drawn by one of his students in 1970.) Then a spiritual rebirth brought him into a real relationship with God and drastically changed his heart, his life and his belief system.  Read his story here.

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World Religions & Teachers

Below is the complete list of religions and/or teachers whose views are explored within this website and in the book, "In Search of the True Light." The content is the same as that contained in the "Seven Pillars of Wisdom" section, but it is arranged in a different way. Here we will study all seven doctrinal categories within the framework of each individual religion. Just click on the religion or teacher whose beliefs you want to examine.

The Eleven Main Living Religions

Other Religions and Teachers

If you have verifiable information concerning a religion's or teacher's belief with regard to the "Seven Pillars of Wisdom" please email it to us and if approved we will include it on our site.