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Mike Shreve was a teacher of yoga at four universities. (The portrait above was drawn by one of his students in 1970.) Then a spiritual rebirth brought him into a real relationship with God and drastically changed his heart, his life and his belief system.  Read his story here.

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About This Site

TheTrueLight.Net is divided up into at least seven sections of information in order to spiritually assist those who visit our site:

  1. Comparative Religion - On this site we objectively compare the beliefs of over 20 religions, religious groups or religious teachers on 7 basic issues. This information is then categorized two ways: by the name of the religious group (Click on "World Religions and Teachers") or by the descriptive name of the compared doctrinal issue (Click on "The Seven Pillars of Wisdom"). The information offered under these two categories on the menu bar is the same. Only the way in which it is categorized is different.

  2. Commonalities - Some common concepts and ideas are found in different religions of the world. Recognizing these commonalities should bind us together in greater love and respect and free us to dialogue with one another more readily. These commonalities are listed and celebrated (Click on "Celebrating Commonalities").

  3. Contradictions - There are also evident contradictions discovered in the various concepts promoted in different worldviews. These contradictions are listed and at times explained. (Click on "Acknowledging Contradictions"). Certain conclusions about the nature of truth can be reached as a result of recognizing these contradictions.

  4. My Spiritual Journey - This is the section in which Mike Shreve, founder of this website describes his own spiritual journey: how he was raised Roman Catholic, how he strayed from religion altogether for a season, how he studied under an Indian guru, how he began teaching Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Techniques at four Florida universities, and finally, the experience of Ultimate Reality that caused Mike Shreve to re-evaluate and, in many ways, to change his concepts foundational to his worldview.

  5. Other Personal Stories - this section offers personal stories of those who sought through various religions or religious groups until they too experienced "THE TRUE LIGHT." We urge you to scroll through this section and find the person whose path has in some ways been similar to yours. If his or her email address is available, feel free to contact anyone whose story is listed in this section.

  6. Various Articles and FAQ - This is probably one of the most important parts of this site. Various articles are listed that address key issues that are especially important to those who are seeking Ultimate Reality through Far Eastern mystical practices or religions.

  7. True Light Forum - In this section, you will be able to post questions and comments for various individuals whose stories or articles appear on the True Light website. is based on a very unique and inspiring book entitled, In Search of the True Light. Mike Shreve, author of this book and founder of this website, has had a rich variety of religious experiences in his life that have prepared him for the multiple tasks associated with The True Light Project. In his younger years, Mike Shreve was raised Roman Catholic. Later on in life, he became deeply involved in the New Age Movement and Far Eastern religions as he passionately sought after the truth. Eventually, he became both a student of an Indian guru and a teacher of Kundalini Yoga and meditation at four Florida universities.
Then an experience of Ultimate Reality caused him to both reevaluate, and in many ways change, many foundational concepts in his belief system. Now Mike's heart is to lovingly share, especially with those of his former mindset, the life-changing answers he has discovered.

Mike Shreve's full story can be found under the section, My Spiritual Journey.

Portrait of Mike Shreve in 1970.

Mike Shreve Today.

The True Light Project: Mission Statement

This website has been produced in conjunction with The True Light Project. Individuals involved in this project have made a life-long effort to search out True Light. They are constantly testing the quality, purity and validity of various religions beliefs professed to be accurate-in order to share their findings with those who are seeking answers to life's questions. One of our foremost priorities is maintaining great respect for every profession of faith and great love for adherents of every worldview. However, our highest respect and our greatest love is reserved for the truth.

Our Commitment to You

Ralph Waldo Emerson once commented, "I hate the giving of the hand unless the whole man accompanies it." By visiting this website, you have, in essence, reached out to receive the extended hands of all who are part of the True Light Project. Please be assured that each one of us would be quick to say-"the whole man accompanies it." We are committed to help, in any way possible, those who need assistance in their search for True Light. Please do not hesitate to communicate with us if you feel the need to do so.