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the True Light

We created this website because we love the truth and have a special love for those who are seeking the truth, regardless of your religion or type of spirituality. Through the articles and videos, our intention is to build a bridge that will enable you to achieve your goal and reach the other side. Ultimate truth is awaiting you. It’s not a religion; it’s a real relationship with God. As you step the direction of this “bridge,” you are probably asking yourself “three big questions”–see if you agree what those questions are… 


The pictures above are of Mike Shreve in 1970 when he was teaching Kundalini Yoga at four universities, and running a yoga ashram in Tampa, Florida. The ink sketch on the right was drawn by one of his students. An encounter with God dramatically changed his heart, his worldview, and his direction in life.

The in-depth presentation of Mike Shreve’s transformation story is offered in the free downloadable mini-book titled, The Highest Adventure: Encountering God. However, for a brief overview of his story, as well as highlights from the last 50+ years of sharing the Gospel around the world, click on this link:

Free Download

The Highest Adventure Encountering God

Download this free digital booklet of the story of Mike Shreve’s spiritual journey from yoga, far eastern mysticism and new age spirituality to the joy of being a follower of Jesus. Share it with a friend who is seeking truth.

Transformation Stories

Mike Shreve interview / It’s Supernatural

The Jessica Smith Story / former Master Reiki Healer




In Search of the True Light

This is a classic and the primary book we offer in our store. In a unique way, it compares the beliefs of over 20 religions in seven major categories, exploring both commonalities and contradictions. It also contains an in-depth biblical response to 30 new age and far eastern beliefs.

In Search of the True Light also chronicles Mike Shreve’s spiritual journey from Kundalini Yoga to the biblical worldview he now embraces, unmistakably pointing to the “true light which gives light to everyone entering the world” (John 1:9 CJB). A “must have” for serious and sincere truth seekers.


“Truly inspired books about truth and spirituality create portals for thirsty seekers, connecting
time to eternity.”

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