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About Mike Shreve

The Call to Radical Discipleship (March of 1971)
—Six months after his conversion, Mike Shreve was living at a Jesus commune in Oviedo, Florida, and working a construction job. One night, he and another brother in Christ were sitting at a campfire behind the commune, praying and reading the Word. They landed on a passage of Scripture that changed their lives forever. Jesus was sharing with his closest disciples the price they would have to pay to truly follow Him. One of the strongest statements the Savior made hit them both hard–Whoever of you does not forsake all that he has cannot be My disciple.” (Luke 14:33). 

Stunned, they realized in that pivotal moment that they were not living up to that original, ‘high bar’ standard of discipleship. Simultaneously, their hearts were gripped with a calling that pushed them out of their comfort zone. Desiring to be fully obedient, the next day, they gave all their possessions and money to the poor and soon after, began hitchhiking across the United States, preaching the Gospel on college campuses and street corners. 

One of their first main breakthroughs came a couple of weeks later when a crowd of hippies and druggies gathered to “The People’s Park” in Bloomington, Indiana, a few blocks away from the University of Indiana. The first night, Mike preached his first sermon in the open air to about 80 thirsty seekers who probably would have never shown up at a church. His main text was another challenging statement that came from the lips of the Son of God—“For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake and the gospel’s will save it.” (Mark 8:35) 

Almost all of them gave their hearts to the Lord that night, the firstfruits of what developed into five decades of sowing the seeds of truth (authentic New Testament Christianity) in the hearts and lives of those who hear and respond.

Summer Youth Ministry (1972-1980)
—Within a couple of years of launching out into the ministry, Mike Shreve obtained a large tent and began traveling around the country doing two-to-three week tent crusades in various cities. He also began conducting an annual youth camp during the 70s called “The Gideon’s 300” (to understand, read Judges 6-7 in the Bible.) This group grew to about 300 teenagers who spent the entire summer being trained in discipleship, ministry techniques, and street evangelism. Many young people entered full-time ministry positions after this summer intensive.

Evangelism (1971 – present)
—Now for almost 50 years, Mike Shreve has continued to travel, teaching the Word of God, sharing his main message of the spiritual identity of believers, with an added emphasis on healing and the prophetic, not only in the U.S. but also, in overseas mission outreaches (ministering in fifteen countries so far, including Haiti, India, Liberia, Nigeria, Costa Rica, the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, Barbados, Israel, and Jamaica.)

The True Light Project
—Around the turn of the millennium, a desire to more effectively reach those seeking ultimate reality through other religions and types of spirituality was birthed. To achieve this goal, various expressions of media have been implemented, including literature, podcasts, this website and plans for a series of television documentaries in the near future. 

All of our websites
We have several websites:  
—Ministry website: www.shreveministries.org
—Comparative religion website: www.thetruelight.net
—Publishing houses: www.deeperrevelationbooks.org 

—Mike Shreve holds a Bachelor of Theology degree with Christian Life School of Theology and an honorary doctorate from Faith Theological Seminary for his comprehensive work in comparative religion and the many books he has written concerning the revelation of the spiritual identity of the children of God (as revealed in our names and titles biblically). He has also taught in three Bible colleges, including Christian Life School of Theology (Beacon University).

—He has written 15 books, three of which have been #1 best sellers on

—He is married to Elizabeth Shreve, the love of his life, and they have two
children, a son and a daughter, and one grandson—all deeply loved and very special.

Deeper Revelation Books / Publishing company
—DRB was launched around 1985, initially just for the publishing of our own books. Then in 2003, by the word of the Lord, we opened the doors to publish the works of other believers who desired to produce works of excellence for the glory of God. There are now five divisions:

  • Deeper Revelation Books (non-fiction)

  • Pure Heart Publications (fiction)

  • Children of Promise (Children’s books)

  • Pivotal Publications (Success and Leadership)

  • PRISM graphics


  • Revealing the True Light (comparative religion themes)

  • Discover Your Spiritual Identity (the revelation of the names and
    titles of the children of God)

Deeper Revelation School of Ministry (soon to come!)—We are preparing
several powerful online Bible courses that will soon be available to interested students of the Word of God