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Books by Mike Shreve

On Comparative Religion Themes

In Search of the True Light

This is a classic, a comparison of over 20 religions, 336 pages exploring both commonalities and contradictions. It also contains an in-depth response to 30 primary new age beliefs and the revelaton of the “True Light” that lights everyone entering this world.

Truth Seekers

This is the story of 10 radical new agers who came to Jesus including the story of Mike Shreve’s conversion out of Kundalini Yoga and also Sid Roth’s encounter with the Lord out of various new age practices. Presently this is only available on amazon.com.

Seven Reasons I No Longer Practice Yoga

This mini-book urges Christians not to participate in yoga and gives them logical reasons why this is not something followers of Jesus should be involved in doing.

The Highest Adventure, Encountering God

This is the paper version of the free mini-book download offered on this website. Mike Shreve was a teacher of Kundalini Yoga until a divinely orchestrated series of events revealed the true path of salvation to him.

Books by Other Authors

The Shattering - An Encounter With Truth

Author: Jessica Smith

Jessica was a yoga teacher and Master Reiki healer traveling back and forth to India, then she began having terrifying experiences with evil forces behind her practices. That convinced her that she was not on the path of truth. Her only solution was turning to Jesus.

Authentic Enlightment

Author: Vail Carruth

Vail studied directly under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and became a teacher of TM, but then, Jesus intervened in her life miraculously and supernaturally. A heart-touching story.

Home At Last

Author: Faith Collier

Faith was a relentless seeker of truth, exploring many world views and spiritual paths, especially devoting herself to the Krishna Consciousness Movement. She finally found the Prince of peace and everything changed.